12 October, 2016


TRAFFIC - "Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush" / "Coloured Rain" (Island WIP 6025) November 1967

Another startling, punch-packed and absolutely fascinating disc from Traffic - full of light and shade, contrasting tempos and intriguing sounds. For the most part, it's busy, urgent and infectiously beaty - but there are constant breaks in the rhythm when all manner of absorbing things happen.

The organ is gutty and fruity, and on one occasion gives out like a ship's siren. The whole record swings along with uninhibited eagerness, and works up a walloping fever pitch - apart, of course, from those sudden breaks. In fact, on first hearing, you're never quite sure what's going to happen next. The vocal is spirited and alive, and the whole thing has an irresistible carousel flavour. As the title song from a film it must be big.

FLIP: A much more bluesy number, with an intense and impassioned vocal by Stevie, and again that swirling organ. A touch of psychedelia in the instrumental passages. (NME review, November 1967)

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