09 August, 2016


THE MERSEYBEATS - "I Think Of You" EP (Fontana TR 17423) March 1964

Someone once said "You can't be sure of anything any more." The speaker wasn't making particular reference to the world of Big Beat, but he might well have been. However, it's an accepted fact that The Merseybeats have come, and they've come to stay!

We knew they were here to stay as soon as their first disc, "It's Love That Really Counts", hit the charts - the first ballad-styled record by a group to get there and stay there since "beat" became a household word.

They followed this superb number with an even greater hit - "I Think Of You", the feature number of this EP. The first inkling of the future of this disc was when The Beatles, who made up the panel on "Juke Box Jury", voted it as a resounding hit! Proving them right, The Merseybeats coasted easily into the Top Ten with their Latin-styled winner.

"I Think Of You"
"Mister Moonlight"
"It's Love That Really Counts"
"The Fortune Teller"

NME - March 1964

NME - MARCH 1964

French EP

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