29 March, 2012


THE RAINY DAZE -'Snow And Ice And Burning Sand' (UNI 3002) April 1967

I have covered The Rainy Daze on my outasite before. Information and some group pics can be found here. 

After the success of the single 'That Acapulco Gold', The Rainy Daze were given the luxery of a studio album which became an underground hit. With several singles and an album to their name I'm a little bit surprised that this group from Denver, Colorado have not had the CD re-issue treatment.

I'll focus my attention on 'Snow and Ice And Burning Sand' which did not grace the side of any 45. This cut was the last song on Side 2 and closes the album in fine style with it's mellow reflection and air of English(esque) psychedelia.

Billboard - April 1967

23 March, 2012


THE DEEP - 'Color Dreams' (Cameo-Parkway P 7051) November 1966

I'm still on my Rusty Evans trip at the moment and have been diggin' this 1966 album by The Deep who were a studio based group comprising Rusty and Mark Barkan. Just check out the cover art with that hallucinatory figure armed with a guitar, the psychedelic font used for the album title is a trip with it's garish pink, off-set by the sky blue song-titles on a jet black background.

Even if you had never heard of The Deep in '66, the sleeve alone would have been enough persuasion for the acid munching youth to pick it from the rack to get some of that Deep action.

'Color Dreams' is an obvious highlight from this long-player but I can't help but feel that it's a Kim Fowley 'Trip' rip-off. But I don't care about that. Rusty's deep gruff vocals again hit the mark just like they did on the Ry Cooper 45 (reviewed last time out). This is psychedelic rapping over fuzz guitars....

“Blue black purple mac
Orange yellow funny fellow
White brown pink town
Orange red pink bed
We’ll pretend yellow man
Jesus saves planet rays
Green red Commie dead
Blue green yellow scream
Spanish fly golden eye 
Pearly white outta sight..."     

17 March, 2012


RY COOPER - '1983'/'The Life Game' (Musicor MU-1148) February 1966

This was the first and only 45 by Ry Cooper a.k.a. Rusty Evans who went on to release albums (with associates) as The Deep and The Freak Scene. He also had connections with The Nervous Breakdowns and The Third Bardo as a producer....he was very much a psychedelic pioneer although this rare single on Musicor Records is raw folk-rock.

The gruff and pissed off vocals are perfect for this type of protest music. It appears that '1983' was the top side as this was the song given a Chart spotlight in Billboard during February 1966.

15 March, 2012


THE FREAK SCENE - 'A Million Grains Of Sand' (Columbia CS 9456) April 1967

'Psychedelic Psoul' was the fascinating and tripped out work of Rusty Evans who had earlier blew the minds of whoever found the time to listen to his earlier recordings as The Deep. Before the latter, Rusty released a far-out punked up folk-rocker as Ry Cooper. Those two releases will be covered on 'Flower Bomb Songs' in the near future.

'Psychedelic Psoul' was listed as a new release in Billboard trade magazine during April 1967 but that seems to be about as much exposure as The Freak Scene got despite being on a huge label like Columbia Records. Even the group members are a mystery, although it is probable that Rusty Evans was aided in the studio by Mark Barkan who is listed on the back of The Deep album. Mark has been mentioned on my site before when I reviewed 'Wait 'Til Tomorrow', the baroque sunshine pop 45 by The Banana Splits...

'A Million Grains Of Sand' is an eastern raga psych mindblower that opens Side One of 'Psychedelic Psoul' and it's certainly an acid treat. Curiously, Rusty Evans re-recorded the song for his 1969 album released as "Marcus"

"Like a million grains of sand
Through the fingers of my hand.
Falling grains are just like dreams,
I wish I could understand"

handwritten lyrics

12 March, 2012


THE LEATHERCOATED MINDS - 'Sunset And Clark' (Fontana TL.5412) 1967

This is my rare UK copy of The Leathercoated Minds LP 'A Trip Down The Sunset Strip' on Fontana. It also happens to be the essential mono mix. How this rather obscure and completely 'underground' album managed to get a release in Britain is unclear....

The album cover is a picture of Roger Tillison and Terrye Newkirk who were a folk-rock duo based in Hollywood. They cut a 45 as The Gypsy Trips. Read my review here.

It is believed, however, that Terrye Newkirk did not perform on The Leathercoated Minds album but Tillison did, along with producer and arranger John J. Cale and sundry musicians employed by Viva Records.

'A Trip Down The Sunset Strip' is quite a period piece and a tyme capsule of the coloured sights and sounds of the L.A. teen scene circa 1966-67. Unfortunately the cover versions don't stand well next to the originals but the snippets of conversations and car noises between the tracks recorded on West Hollywood's Sunset Strip are cool.

The instrumentals featured such as 'Sunset And Clark' are really where it's at. These were all written by John J. Cale.

09 March, 2012


JEFFERSON AIRPLANE - 'D.C.B.A. - 25' (RCA Victor LSP-3766) March 1967

It's been five years this month since I started my website 'Flower Bomb Songs' and I'm certainly perplexed that I've never reviewed any music by one of my all time favourite groups, Jefferson Airplane. I'm not sure why I've never discussed their merits, maybe I was too concerned with obscurity.

Jefferson Airplane most definitely were not obscure during their breakthrough year of 1967. Their long player 'Surrealistic Pillow' peaked at #3 on the Billboard chart in USA and the album stayed there for 56 weeks. Not that I've ever been impressed by such commercial statistics, I'm more interested if the music within the grooves releases my mind to higher elevations and the Jefferson Airplane have been doing just that ever since I discovered their beautiful sounds in the early 80s.

The psych tinged folk-rock genius of 'D.C.B.A - 25' is an obvious highlight of 'Surrealistic Pillow'. Written by guitarist Paul Kantner, it's often overlooked whenever I read reviews and articles about the Airplane. Maybe the reason for this is that 'D.C.B.A. - 25' never graced the side of a 45. I honestly believe it would have made a killer single.

I always thought that 'D.C.B.A. - 25' was a very strange song title and the meaning didn't register with me until I read the liners of the RCA stereo CD re-issue of 'Surrealistic Pillow'. Here, it was explained that Kantner named his melodic folk-rocker in reference to the songs chord progression and the numerical part '25' is the designation chemist Albert Hofmann assigned to his best known chemical discovery LSD-25.

The song was recorded at Studio B in RCA's studio in Hollywood during November 1966.

04 March, 2012


THE FOLKLORDS - 'Jennifer Lee' (Lion-LP 104) 1969

Under the spotlight today is this charming acid folk album by The Folklords titled 'Release The Sunshine'. One look at the kaleidoscopic cover with members of The Folklords dressed in their hippie psychedelic garb, the genius title of the album displayed in a tripped out ornamental lace mat and the font used for "The Folklords" indicate to me that the listener will be in for something special.

The Folklords formed sometime in 1968 in Toronto, Ontario and signed a contract with independent Canadian label Allied Records. The same label as The Plastic Cloud, another obscure but equally appealing psychedelic combo.

At the time of recording 'Release The Sunshine', The Folklords had no drummer so the eighteen year old son of Allied Records staff producer stepped in. His drumming technique can be described as basic but I feel that only adds to the greatness of the record as a whole. All twelve songs on the album were group originals, written by bass player Tom Waschkowski and guitarist Paul Seip. The ever-present autoharp played by Martha Johnson adds to the acid dreaminess.

The original album on Allied Records sank without trace but is now highly sought after and exchanges for upward $400. Fortunately, in 2007, Lion Productions re-issued "Release The Sunshine" on vinyl in a quantity of 700 copies. These were promptly sold out within days and even the re-issue is a hard one to find!