28 June, 2008

THE SPIKE DRIVERS - Baby Won't You Let Me Tell You How I Lost My Mind

 THE SPIKE DRIVERS - 'Baby Won't You Let Me Tell You How I Lost My Mind' / 'High Time' (Reprise RA 0535) November 1966

Wow, call the Rozzers. There's four bearded and be-tashed loner types possibly looking for trouble or at least thinking about pinning the homely looking hippie chick down and plying her with some acid tabs... OK, I may be mistaken.

The Spike Drivers released this brilliant psychedelic 45 in late '66. Both sides are essential and the American issue should be easy enough to pick up but you could have a problem locating this German picture sleeve release. Gear! 13 will compile both tracks.

Richard Keelan and Ted Lucas would go on to form Misty Wizards after one more Spike Drivers single 'Strange Mysterious Sounds' / 'Break Out The Wine' on Reprise the following year.

***check out The Misty Wizards review in the archives***

26 June, 2008


THE COLLECTORS - 'Lydia Purple' / 'She (Will-O'-The Wind)' (Warner Bros 7194) 1968

It's about time a label did the good thing and collected the works of The Collectors including their earlier incarnation as The Classics and put together a retrospective CD including all 45 sides and choice album cuts.
Perhaps the best Collectors compilation was put together by Edsel but that was in the 80s and it was vinyl only. OK if you're a vinyl freak like me but these days most folks don't have a turntable.

'Lydia Purple' has always been my favourite Collectors song. It's a very haunting tune, almost classical but with that West Coast psych vibe running throughout. It was produced by Dave Hassinger who had previously set the controls for The Electric Prunes.
The song was not a band original and they didn't really want to record it but did so at the insistance of Hassinger who claimed it suited their style and they needed a hit. At the band's insistance, session musicians were used and big time Californian players Larry Knechtel and Jessie Erlich were recruited to play piano, harpsicord and cello.

The flip 'She (Will O' The Wind)' is also GREAT and is a band original.

related info: A promo video of The Collectors performing 'Lydia Purple' is currently on YouTube and Giant Crab also recorded the song.

THE BYRDS - Wait And See

THE BYRDS - 'Wait And See' (Columbia 9254) 1965

Continuing my folk rock entries this past week or so are the legendary Byrds. This song was recorded in October '65 and is credited to McGuinn/Crosby, although Roger sings lead vocals.

'Wait And See' was included on Side 2 of the album 'Turn Turn Turn'. It's not a song that gets any exposure on Byrds 'Best Of's' but I dig it all the same. Magical 12 string jangle makes this tune a winner.

THE BYRDS - Wait And See

23 June, 2008

JERRY JEFF WALKER and LSD - Found Me A Brand New Woman

JERRY JEFF WALKER & LSD - 'Found Me A Brand New Woman'

I'm not sure if this song was released as a 45 or on an album? I've checked various resources and can't find any mention of this folk rock tune anywhere. It was included on a CD called 'Trip To The Psychedelic World' which was a low budget, mostly badly sounding CD compilation on Collectors Choice. Maybe it's a demo and wasn't released at the time.

Jerry Jeff Walker formed his own band Circus Maximus in the mid sixties after spending some time as a folkie in Greenwich Village. They released two psych albums on Vanguard but nothing on those discs are as good as 'Found Me A Brand New Woman'...

Hopefully, someone out there on netsville knows the story about this song. If you do, get in touch...thanks


THE MONKEES - 'Valleri' (original fuzz version) 1967

This version of 'Valleri' was never officially released in the sixties and only got an airing on the 1990 Rhino CD titled 'The Monkees - Missing Links Volume 2'..

The original fuzz guitar version was included in one of The Monkees TV Shows and was promptly taped by DJs in Chicago and Florida. The 'taped' Valleri was then played on the radio creating a massive demand for the song to be released as a single.

By popular demand 'Valleri' was released as a 45 in March 1968, but it was re-recorded in December 1967 and turned out to be a tamer version with trumpet, sax and trombone instead of the original fuzz laid down by Boyce and Hart.
The fuzz version is way cooler and the one to add to your collection.

THE MONKEES - Valleri (fuzz version)

22 June, 2008

SIMON and GARFUNKEL - A Simple Desultory Philippic


SIMON & GARFUNKEL - 'Simple Desultory Philippic' (Or How I Was McNamara'd Into Submission) (CBS LP 9363) Oct 1966

I've had a fondness for this folk rockin' duo ever since I started getting into music. As a teenager I used to go around my friends' houses and play records (when their parents were out of course).

We would organize two rooms for music. One room would be devoted to 70s punk rock, the other room was a bit more eclectic. I'd bring along my Byrds, Love and Doors albums and someone was real keen on S&G.

This clever song by Paul Simon is not in keeping with their usual approach of perfect acoustics and two part harmonies. The tune has a punky fuzz bass guitar throughout that pounds away and doesn't fail to impress.
It was hidden away on side 2 of the '66 album 'Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme' and never appears on any 'Best Of's' etc.
I also dig the lyrics. These lines in particular capture the time capsule of hot bands as well as America's unhealthy anxiety towards communism.

'I been Rolling Stoned and Beatled till I'm blind
I been Ayn Randed, nearly branded
Communist, 'cause I'm left handed
That's the hand I use, well never mind!

21 June, 2008


THE EASYBEATS - 'Easyfever' EP (Parlophone GEPO-70032) 1966

This EP was found recently in the wyld as it were. What I mean by this is the fact that it was not bought on eBay, in a shop or mail order. Finding things in the wyld was common place in the 80s and some of the 90s, but not anymore.

Anyway, a few months ago I paid a visit to a local market and a record dealer was there selling some of his wares. Grabbed this brilliant EP by Australian mod rockers The Easybeats. Turned out to be in pristine condition, possibly unplayed.

Four fantastic songs with the stand-out being 'I'll Make You Happy (Just Like Your Mama Wants)'....there were not many bands in the mid 60s better than The Easybeats.


19 June, 2008


COUNTDOWN - 'Georgia' / 'Alexandrina (The Great)' (Polydor 53 110) 1967

All I know about Countdown is that they were from Germany. But these guys wore Carnaby Street gear not those tight lederhosen things Bavarian dudes usually wear.
I've not been able to find out anything online or in certain reference books/fanzines I have. As far as I know the songs on this 45 have never been compiled. So they're a mystery unless someone can shed some light on the obscure Countdown.....

'Georgia' is a must hear slice of psychedelia. If I could post some sounds I would but unfortunately computer problems mean that's not possible. The general sound is a German take on English '67 psych, very similar in sound to Manfred Mann's perfect tune 'Up The Junction'...

The flip 'Alexandrina (The Great)' has a tougher sound with wah wah guitar.

18 June, 2008


THE ABSTRACT SOUND - 'Blacked Out Mind' / 'I'm Trying' (Gray Sounds GS-006) 1967

It has been confirmed that The Abstract Sound hailed from Springfield, New Jersey. Their sound is very similar to ? and the Mysterians. To me that is a GOOD thing although the reviewer in Fuzz Acid And Flowers described the 45 as 'pedestrian'.

'Blacked Out Mind' is perhaps the stronger side but 'I'm Trying' ain't no slouch either.
It's a record I dig alot. Both sides have been compiled before but never on CD.

17 June, 2008

ANTOINE - Where Did Everyone Go To

ANTOINE - 'Where Did Everyone Go To' / 'Football Game' (Disques Vogue STU 42 335) 1969

Here's a very hard to find 45 in picture sleeve. This is the rare cover of the Denmark release. Maybe you don't know about Antoine?

His full name is Pierre-Antoine Muraccioli and in the mid 60s was the French answer to Donovan and Dylan. His style of protest song and loner lyrics will be of interest to the folk rock fan. He was backed on some later releases by French R'n'B punkers Les Problemes.

'Where Did Everyone Go To' finds Antoine in a reflective pop psych mode. It's an absolutely essential psycher and has the full Expo seal of approval. This cut would fit nicely on those Fading Yellow compilations.

The top side 'Football Game' is awful.

ANTOINE - Where Did Everyone Go To

16 June, 2008


My old computer has most definitely died, I've tried several things to revive it but it looks like the processor has 'kicked the bucket'.
So I decided to hook my trusty old laptop up to the internet. This means that for the time being I can at least send and receive emails. (so if you wanna get in touch, go for it)

I'll probably even post the odd 45 review aswell.....keep it real!

13 June, 2008


Unfortunately, my computer of 6 years has finally breathed it's last....sniff

It has been making weird noises for a few months and has been crashing for no apparent reason since November 2007. It's not because of a virus or anything like that, just old age I suppose and the fact that it's been used every day.

So the good news is that I'll have an excuse to buy a much better, more up to date model.

The bad news is that I did not back-up any of my Cavestones, Gear! or Circles compilation covers and liners. I don't have the heart or energy or infact time to re-design these.

This means that every previous Cavestones, Gear! and Circles comp has been deleted.

When i'm up and running (could be weeks, could be months) I'll start posting on my blog again. I'm also in no position to send or receive emails.....I'm writing this entry from my computer at work.

08 June, 2008


SOLE SOCIETY - 'Wait For You' / 'Hard Road' (Trump Records 373) 1969

Sole Society were an obscure outfit from Louisville or at least that's what the seller told me when I bought this rare 45 off him. It also came with a hand written note from band leader David Wood's Uncle.
The note was addressed to Allan Ramsey who was an original member of Gary Lewis and the Playboys. Anyway, the message goes on to ask Allan Ramsey for his thoughts on the 45 and the Uncle also mentions that his nephew David Wood (who wrote 'Wait For You') was disappointed with the production the studio did on it especially his vocals that are buried in the mix.

Oh well, 'Wait For You' sounds OK to me. It starts off ripping 'Soul Kitchen' by The Doors then goes off on a psych rock tangent with a very cool fuzzy guitar break.
The flip is 'Hard Road'. This is a cover of Deep Purple's progressive instrumental titled 'Wring That Neck' and is on their 'The Book Of Taliesyn' album from 1968. Only the track was called 'Hard Road' on the American release.

Both sides are uncompiled.


HICKORY HOLLOW - "Never Happen" / "Home" (Musitron M-107) 1968

I really dig this record label, red on gold always looks smart and I especially have a liking for the wording Musitron - Imagination In Sound...

I don't know anything about the band or where they hailed from. The label was based in Panorama City, California and Hickory Hollow definitely have that West Coast sound so I'm thinking they're from here.

'Never Happen' is the plug side and has got a neat guitar break and an uncluttered production by D. Roy Penna. It has been compiled only once on 'Shadows Falling' a budget CD only comp put out by Past & Present. The uncompiled flip 'Home' has a laid back hippie vibe and this sound reminds of early Moby Grape. All in all, a very competent double sided 45.

07 June, 2008


SATRYCON - 'Leave It' / 'Just The Two Of Us' (Moxie Records 202) 1969

Here's a band I know nothing about?

Moxie Records operated out of Johnstown, PA so maybe the strangely named Satrycon hailed from this region.
'Leave It' is menacing heavy psych with bursts of fuzz complete with a freak-out climax. It has been compiled before on 'Come Fly With Us'. I don't have this comp but maybe there are liners giving details about the band.

The flip is an uncompiled song titled 'Just The Two Of Us'. To my ears this one has a much more commercial sound. It's a groovy funk rock work out with a dominant hammond organ sound, backing vocals but sadly no fuzz.

I saw this 45 on Ebay this week (Feb 2009) with a minimum bid of $300. here's what the seller had to say.

Very rare and hard to find garage 45 by SATRYCON titled LEAVE IT b/w JUST THE TWO OF US on MOXIE 202 in VG+ condition. Almost all copies were lost in the 1977 Johnstown Flood. This record NEVER shows up EBAY. heavy FUZZ from beginning to end. This is only the second copy that i have had in the last 30 years and I produced this record. You may never see another one again. It has JB written on it but it is hard to see.
Seller: skitscatscooter

THE HANGMEN - Dream Baby

THE HANGMEN - 'Dream Baby' / 'Let It Be Me' (Monument 45-983) November 1966

This was the third and last 45 by Washington D.C. band The Hangmen, although their lead singer David Ottley was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland.

'Dream Baby' is a psychedelic rendition of the Roy Orbison hit record written by songwriter Cindy Walker. I've read elsewhere that this version is not that good but I believe it to be an excelent cover version that works really well with the interjection of sitar and fuzz. Also Buzz Cason's production (a well known producer from Nashville) creates a powerful mix of heavy bass runs with a punchy backbeat.

The flip 'Let It Be Me' is a tame ballad that doesn't really get out of the starting blocks.


THE MOONRAKERS - 'Trip And Fall' / 'Time And A Place' (Tower 222) April 1966

45s by The Moonrakers are always sought after especially the garage and folk rockers released on Tower Records. The band hailed from Denver, Colorado and evolved out of a surf band called The Surfin' Classics.

Maybe as a surf act they became connected with songwriter Roger Christian. He co-wrote several noteworthy songs for The Beach Boys and Jan and Dean including the classics 'Dead Man's Curve' and 'Sidewalk Surfin'. He must have ventured into the production side of things aswell because he co produced both Moonrakers originals on this disc.

'Trip And Fall' is a melodic light weight pop tune written and sung by keyboard player Denny Flannigan. Flip it over to hear the folk rockin' 'Time And A Place'. This song was written and sung by vocalist/rhythm guitarist Veeder Van Dorn.

The Moonrakers that recorded for Shamley were very different. Most of the original line were gone and the songs were all about bothering God.


05 June, 2008


THE ROVIN' FLAMES - 'Seven Million People' / 'Bo Diddley' (Tampa Bay Records BC-1111) June 1966

Bo Diddley died this week aged 79. I don't have any of his records but realise that his simplistic rhythm 'n' beat was a template used by many English groups from the early/mid 60s such as The Animals, The Rolling Stones, The Pretty Things and The Yardbirds etc etc.

Scores of teen beat combos from USA also had the Bo Diddley influence, maybe none more so than The Rovin' Flames from Tampa, Florida. This essential 45 by them not only has the ultra cool folk jangler 'Seven Million People' on the A-Side but flip it over to hear their song dedicated to him.

03 June, 2008

THE SCANDAL - There's Reasons Why

THE SCANDAL - 'There's Reasons Why' / 'Girl, You're Goin' Out'a My Mind' (Pepper 432) December 1967

Pleasant two sided flower power 45 by Memphis, Tennessee band The Scandal. This was their only record and they sadly broke up in early '68 when singer songwriter Len Renfro joined the Navy.

It's a shame that this band were a short-lived outfit because both sides were original compositions and they definitely had the potential to create even more coolness.

Fortunately, both songs are available on compilations: You'll find 'There's Reasons Why' on The Electric Coffee House. The flip 'Girl, You're Goin' Out'a My Mind' on Fading Yellow - Volume 3.


Len Renfro
Bruce Smith
Carol Ferrante
Kathy Thornton

Billboard ad - December 1967

01 June, 2008

THE SCENE - Scenes (From Another World)

THE SCENE - 'Scenes (From Another World)' / 'You're In A Bad Way' (B.T. Puppy Records 533) 1969

'Scenes (From Another World)' was compiled years ago on a vinyl only compilation called Psychedelia - Volume 4. The liners indicated an American or perhaps even an Australian band.
It turns out that The Scene were from Montreal, Canada. They sadly only released this one 45 then were gone.
'Scenes' is a catchy slice of psychedelia with soaring harmonies and brass and sounds more like a throwback from the Summer of '67. It also later turned up on the comp Fading Yellow - Volume 6.

The flip 'You're In A Bad Way' is a more laid back hippie trip and I gave it an appearance on Gear! Volume 2.

other info:

The Scene line-up:

Truly Noland
Michael Ship
Marty Simon
Danny Zimmerman

B.T. Puppy Records was a label formed by members of The Tokens and is a take off on RCA's label with Nipper the dog. B.T. Puppy Records had some big hits with harmony band The Happenings in the late 60s.

The Engineer on both Scene songs was Wally Sheffey. He also engineered James Taylor's 'Original Flying Machine' LP and The Fifth Estate records.