23 February, 2008

The CALIFORNIANS - Nausea Beast

The CALIFORNIANS - 'Nausea Beast' / Glass Disguise' (Crazy Horse 1318) 11/1969

Both sides are cool late 60s psychedelic guitar rock but the band remained a mystery until guitarist and composer of both songs on this 45 Richard Bastrup got in touch via a Yahoo psychedelic forum to fill in some details about The Californians.

They were formed by some former members of the Arnaheim based surf outfit The Avengers IV, who released the 'Real Cool Hits' and 'Mrs Faruki's Suzuki' LPs in 1966 on the Mark 56 label.
When The Avengers IV split up in 1968 they reformed with some changes in personnel as The Californians.
Aswell as the Crazy Horse 45 they issued two further records on their own JR&J label in 1969.
'Stay' / 'I Told You'
'Have You Ever Been Lonely' / 'I Show To See'

The Californians also recorded material for an album but this remains unreleased. Here, they adopted the 'Big Band' sound they believed would soon be back in vogue....it wasn't!!!
Sometime in the early 70s they changed their name to The Good Guys and released a 45 in 1974 on Magnum West Records but split up shortly after.


SUMMER SNOW - 'Flying On The Ground' / Your Thoughts Have Wings' (Capitol P 2031) 10/1967

Two sides of soft pop from a band calling themselves Summer Snow. 'Flying On The Ground' is the Neil Young song that can be found on the Buffalo Springfield debut album but the song is titled 'Flying On The Ground Is Wrong'. I comped this tune on Gear! 4.
The flip 'Your Thoughts Have Wings' has twee male/female vocals and is predominately acoustic guitar based. This song was written and produced by Rusty Evans and Dan Dalton.

Could this be the same Rusty Evans whose real name is Marcus Uzilevsky and was a one time New York folk singer from Greenwich Village? He changed his name to Rusty Evans and submerged himself in the flourishing psychedelic scene. He led obscure psych band The Deep who released 'Psychedelic Moods' in late 1966 then recorded as The Freak Scene of 'Psychedelic Psoul' fame (or lack of)...
Rusty Evans then moved to L.A. and worked as a producer for the Take Six label and also had time to write 'I Dig Your Mind' recorded by garage psych band The Nervous Breakdowns.

20 February, 2008


THE WHAT'S NEW - 'Early Morning Rain' / 'Driving Wheels' / 'Huckleberry Finn' / 'The Last Thing On My Mind' (Number One LOU 2013) 1966

The What's New are relatively unknown in their homeland of USA and compilers have only recently unearthed their 45s but most of their cuts still remain uncompiled. They hailed from Orlando in Florida but had their records released only in France on the small Number One label after being offered a deal to record in Paris.

Their first four track EP release is very much standard folk rock fayre. All are cover versions and are polished efforts but none really stand out, a kind of 'play by numbers' to my ears. Maybe they were playing safe for the French market
THE WHAT'S NEW - 'Get Away' / It's Over Now' / Up So High' / 'Daisy' (Number One LOU 2014) 1967

The second and last EP is far superior in every way. Firstly all four cuts are original compositions written by Colin Scot and all are great except the throw away 'Daisy'.

'Get Away' is a cool raga psych offering with what sounds like a sitar but infact is probably a vox guitar making 'Eastern' sonics. It's also got some intriquing psychedelic lyrics in one of the verses:

'Like a tiny grain of sand
I go swimming through your hand.
Reaching out to hold the sky,
Birds with silver wings can fly'

'It's Over Now' is a wondrous slow paced Byrdsian slice of moodiness with trippy ringing guitar..
Maybe the best song The What's New ever wrote is 'Up So High' notable for a menacing fuzz intro and more raga psychedelia. It's a killer song and highly regarded in garage circles.
I don't have a clue what they were thinking about with 'Daisy'. It's awful. Just like a very bad Hermans Hermits type ditty.

18 February, 2008


LOS FLECHAZOS - 'Ella Me Hace Enloquecer' / 'Kinky Boots' (DRO 1D08294) 1991

Long time favourite Spanish mod band Los Flechazos released this 45 on DRO in 1991. As with every non English vocal band, I ain't got a clue what the guy is singing about. Luckily it doesn't detract from this short burst of modness. The production is maybe a little too clean for most tastes especially the drum sound. I dig the hammond though and because of that sound I'm posting the song on my blog.

'Kinky Boots' is a go go style instrumental with hammond and is for the most part based on 'Till The End Of The Day' by The Kinks.

17 February, 2008


THE OTHERS - 'Bitter Bells' EP (Misty Lane Records 026) 1995

This split EP with The Thanes was given away free with garage fanzine Misty Lane - issue 16. Only 500 copies were pressed. Maybe I'll cover the great Thanes tracks at a later time. Whilst I'm diggin' my Others records I'll give them some publicity.

'Bitter Bells' is a memorable cover of the Neal Ford and the Fanatics song. They get this moody 12 string jangler down on record perfectly. It surely sounds like a relic from '66. The other cover they tackle is by 5 P.M. The original of 'How Many Days' can be found on the Arf Arf compilation release 'No No No'

16 February, 2008


THE OTHERS - That's Your Problem' / 'You Don't Believe Me' (Zebrah Records 004) 1996

I've long since forgiven those Romans for invading England then raping and pillaging my fellow countrymen 2000 years ago. So I salute Rome band The Others as being my favourite Italian band.

This 45 on small Belgium label Zebrah Records was limited to 500 copies so is a future collectable. Previous releases on Zebrah Records were by The Purple Merkins, The Ultra 5 and 50 Foot Combo.

Both sides of this record are cover versions done in The Others usual style of care and attention. 'You Don't Believe Me' is of course The Pretty Things folk jangler and the other side is a version of the Splinter-Tax '66 tune 'That's Your Problem'....

Songs recorded at Delta Studio, Rome on 13th May 1996

Bruno Apostoli (bass and background vocals)
Giuliano (drums)
Fabrizio (guitar)
Massimo del Pozzo (lead vocals, 6 & 12 string guitar, harp)

Bruno and Massimo are responsible for cool Italian fanzine 'Misty Lane'

15 February, 2008

The NUTHINS - Thoughts And Visions

The NUTHINS - 'Thoughts And Visions' / 'You've Got To Hide Your Love Away' (Twist Records 23) 1999

The last record ever released by English band The Nuthins is a sparkling two sided slab of coolness. 'Thoughts And Visions' is fabulous with lots of fuzz action. Got to dig the production on this also by someone simply called Justin.
The flip is of course The Beatles tune. Here The Nuthins stay faithful to the original and really do the song justice. This 45 has the Expo seal of approval if anyone is in doubt.

Richie (drums)
Bob (organ)
Marcus (vocals on 'Thoughts And Visions)
Andy (bass)
Mojo Mills (guitar and vocals on 'You've Got To Hide Your Love Away)

The NUTHINS - Thoughts And Visions MP3 (mono)

13 February, 2008

The PRIMATES - I Ain't Like You

The PRIMATES - 'I Ain't Like You' (Voxx 200.034) 1986

This fuzzed up slab of primate mayhem is from their LP 'We Are The Primates'...Seek and you shall find my garage friends.
I'll focus on this song which is true teen punk genius and for my money way better than an awful lot of so called 'classics' from the '66 original teen punk bands. 'I Ain't Like You' was written by guitarist Ted Edlefsen and singer Erik Bluhm.
The Primates were originally from Youngstown, Ohio but moved to Los Angeles sometime in 1985. They were obviously spotted by the Voxx crowd and a 12 track album was released the following year, produced by Greg Shaw and Brett Gurewitz.
Other than this small bit of information I know nothing about the band but would love to know more! This record got played a ton of times in the mid 80s by myself and The Mourning After crowd.

Brian Corrigan (drums)
Ted Edlefsen (guitar and fuzz)
Erik Bluhm (vocals, tambourine, maraccas)
Brett Miller (bass)

12 February, 2008

NOW - Having A Hard Time

NOW - 'Having A Hard Time' (Ain't You Baby) / Deja Vu (Cotillion 44005) 3/1968

Not to be confused with a band called Now who released 'I Want' on Embassy Records. They went on to become Tripsichord Music Box.
This particular Now were probably a studio outfit.

'Having A Hard Time' / 'Deja Vu' 45 on (Cotillion 44005) was released in 1968 possibly as early as March. Both songs were written by Paul Selph and Tommy Rasico.
Paul Selph was a Memphis WMPS radio DJ.

Mr Flood's Party released a song called 'Deja Vu' also on Cotillion 44017. I've not heard this but it's highly likely a cover version of Now's original.

'Having A Hard Time' was the plug side and is a laid back country folk tune not unlike the sound of Stone Country or even Crosby Stills and Nash.

Divshare is down yet again (surprise, surprise) so have a listen instead to 'Having A Hard Time' This track is slated for Gear! 9

11 February, 2008


THE BRIKS - 'Foolish Baby' / 'Can You See Me' (Dot 16878) April 1966

Here's one of thee classics 45s of the mid 60s. It was originally released on the smaller label Bismark but was picked up by Dot for national distribution. Inexplicably, the record went nowhere other than healthy sales in and around Dallas.

Both sides are GREAT! 'Foolish Baby' is a powerful garage rocker built around a Kinks like beat. The other side 'Can You See Me' is a beautiful folk rock jangler.
Lead guitar player Richard Borgens later teamed up with The Truth

10 February, 2008


I found this picture of The Truth in a copy of Texas music magazine 'Not Fade Away'..this fanzine type paper was issued in early 1977. Seems the right time to re show this review of their 45 I wrote back in August 07.


TRUTH - 'Chimes On 42nd Street' / 'When Was Then' (Mark Ltd MR 1009) 1968

The Kenny and the Kasuals story is well documented elsewhere, suffice to say that they were one of the top live attractions in the Dallas Fort Worth area with plenty of local hit singles and a pretty good LP called 'Impact'.

The band headed to New York in the summer of 1967 to play gigs and rustle up label interest but sadly the gigs were marred by arguments and a lack of label interest. They returned to Dallas and singer Kenny Daniels was either sacked by the rest of the band or he quit or he was drafted depending on who was recounting the story.

The rest of the Kasuals with the addition of Dale Bramhall renamed themselves Truth and released this hard to find 45 on Mark Lee's record label.

'Chimes On 42nd Street' is psychy with freaky guitar sounds and a constant pumping bass line which is high in the mix. I prefer the other side 'When Was Then'. This song is a slow paced, melodic psychedelic folk rocker. All the essentials are present such as tambourine, harmonica, tabla and classy acoustic guitar.
Both songs were written by lead guitarist Jerry Smith.

08 February, 2008


LES SUNLIGHTS - I Need You EP (Disques Vogue EPVB. 002) 1966

French band Les Sunlights appeared to have more success in Belgium. The EP pictured is the Belgium release. The French release is housed in a different cover. I prefer this moody shot of the band.

Les Sunlights were a typical Beat/RnB group and as with most bands of this ilk their repertoire was only half successful. The RnB numbers were pretty much solid efforts in the Kinks/Pretty Things sound but most of their beaty sides don't warrant continued plays.

Best cut on the EP is a band original 'I Need You' written by Bruno Cogoni.

02 February, 2008

EDDY MITCHELL - Rien Qu'un Seul Mot (Satisfaction)

EDDY MITCHELL - Rien Qu'un Seul Mot (Satisfaction) EP (Barclay 70 855 M) 1966
Don't be put off by Eddy Mitchell's 'thunderbird' look because he sure delivers a cracking cover of The Rolling Stones hit 'Satisfaction'. It is probably my favourite cover of this classic. For those not familiar with this guy, he's French and sings in French and looks like a French square.
'Rien Qu'un Seul Mot' (Satisfaction) is full of scorching fuzz with constant clattering tambourine. There's also time to add a powerfull lead guitar break before the fuzz kicks in once more. Eddy's vocals are a treat and I dig it when he throws in some Buddy Holly mannerisms.
His back up band on this EP are billed as The London All Stars. I don't know who they would be. Most likely the best session musicians London had to offer at the time.
The rest of the disc is the more familiar Club/Soul sounds Eddy Mitchell is better known for and not to my particular taste. But I can't argue with his version of 'Satisfaction'.....it's a killer.
EDDY MITCHELL - Rien Qu'un Seul Mot (Satisfaction)